Today, I’d like to dedicate a blog post to the most overlooked and undervalued area in business: administration.

Historically, administration was a field almost exclusively occupied by women, also known as “secretaries.” Today, the traditional work of women has undergone an evolution. Gone are the typewriters! As many businesses go paper-free, soon no one will have to labor for hours over a copier or stuff envelopes. (One can hope!)

But what remains to this day is a very particular skillset that plays a vital role in any company/organization across industries. The skillset I’m referring to is a combination of organizational mastery, dynamic soft skills, and advanced digital and technological savvy.

I have been a career administrative professional for 12+ years. I left the workforce to have two beautiful children who have now become “school-aged.” I returned just this past November to discover the beauty that is “virtual assistance.” I can and am doing everything I’ve always done from my home office, and there’s a huge market for these services.

If you are a start-up struggling to grow, you may need to explore what this virtual assistance/gig economy thing is all about. And the last tip would be: don’t create a grocery list of all the software and platforms your ideal VA must have because you know “transferrable skills.” Focus on that skillset I’m talking about because the majority of the applications you’re using can be learned in under an hour!